Editor’s Note: The following story was written by a staff member of The Hindsonian student newspaper produced on the Raymond Campus.

By Kimberly Stampley


Marcus John Onezime Jr., a dance performance and education major on the Raymond Campus, is involved in so many campus activities, you never know where you might see him next.

Onezime is a member of the Montage Theater of Dance, plays the clarinet in the Wind Ensemble for the Hinds band, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and he also serves as a note-taker through Disability Support Services on the Raymond Campus.

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Photo by Kim Stampley

Marcus Onezime, left, performs at a half-time show with Hi-Stepper Kayla Mullen.


Onezime said he had never taken dance lessons until he took his first dance class at Hinds during the fall 2012 semester. “I have always had a love for dance, because I could not sing, and so I decided to move my body to the music,” said Onezime, a Terry resident and graduate of Jackson’s Hillcrest Christian School.

He participated in the Montage fall 2012 concert, “The Dance of Oz,” where he performed as the scarecrow.

He also performed in several dance numbers in the fall 2013 Montage fall concert, held in October on the Raymond Campus. He also performed in the lead role as Moses in the 2012 “Dance of Egypt.”

Dance Department Director Tiffany Jefferson had good things to say about Onezime as her student. She described him as well-rounded – from his intellect, humor and professionalism to his leadership skills.

Some advice she has given Onezime is, “Don’t go through life with regrets. Count your blessings, cut your losses and follow the yellow brick road.”

Onezime plans to apply for the new Jeffrey Gibbs Memorial Scholarship, which was named after a former Hinds student who died in a car wreck.

Gibbs was also a member of Montage. “I will be applying for the scholarship, if possible, in the spring of 2014,” he said.

Onezime is set to graduate in spring 2014 and plans to attend Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Ga., to pursue his dance emphasis in jazz and modern.

“I love the upbeat intensity that comes from the jazz genre and the ability to express myself and my personality in a fun, energetic way,” he said. “On the other hand, the modern genre allows me to express a more earthy, low and deep tone that is sometime required to convey an idea.”

Mackenzie Maslanka, a general studies major, said she has been friends with Marcus since her junior year in high school.

 “Marcus has inspired me by his amazing work ethic and his passion for what he does,” Maslanka said. “He is a very talented performer, and I am glad that being a part of this activity brought us together as friends.”

During Onezime’s spare time, he is most likely in Bee Hall or the Muse Band Hall playing with different dance combinations or creating color guard work. He always seems to be on the move. He has proven that you can do anything if you go after your calling and follow your dreams.

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