Anna Sanders, Hinds Student
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Anna Sanders, Hinds Student

Anna Sanders

At age 28, Anna Sanders says she was “truly petrified to be a college student” at the Vicksburg-Warren Campus two years ago.

As a teenager, Anna became a mom with two sons and has lost one child to cancer. In her two years at Hinds she married her best friend.

Despite the changes in her life and the struggles she’s experienced, “I knew that I had to walk through the doors of Hinds in order to put my life where I felt it needed to be for myself and my family,” she said.

She graduates May 11 with a degree in business office technology. “As I walk across the stage, I will reflect on the great memories and skills that have been acquired while at Hinds. I will also be giving a final salute of gratitude to the ones who gave me their endless support. I say thank you from the depths of my being.”

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