Vicksburg-Warren Campus to host College Night

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Vicksburg-Warren Campus to host College Night
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27 March

Vicksburg-Warren Campus to host College Night

Hinds Community College’s Vicksburg-Warren Campus will host a College Night from 4-6 p.m. on Monday, April 28.

The event will allow prospective students and their parents to explore the Vicksburg-Warren Campus; learn about admissions, scholarships, financial aid, majors and more; speak with faculty and staff members; apply and register for summer and fall classes; and enjoy food and prizes.

The event is come-and-go style. Those interested in attending should register online at  or call 1.800.HINDSCC for more information.

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Hinds CC alumni reflect on Sugarman’s life, impact


Hinds CC alumni Jody Gore, left, and Gary Walters

Hinds CC alumni Jody Gore, left, and Gary Walters

Back on March 29, 1939, a legend was born out of a tragedy.

When Clear Creek in Edwards flooded during a torrential rainstorm, washing out the Highway 80 bridge and plunging cars headed from Jackson to Vicksburg into the angry water, Andrew “Sugarman” Daniel jumped into the water time after time pulling up bodies. According to a June 1969 story in The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News, Sugarman pulled up most of the 16 bodies and helped haul out 10 cars.

Seventy-five years later, a book by Joedda “Jody” Gore of Clinton, who attended Hinds Community College in the 1980s, commemorates the legend of Sugarman, a powerhouse of a man also known as an “animal whisperer” and friend to local kids, who got his nickname from handing out free candy.

Gore said she got the idea to write the fictionalized account of Sugarman’s life when she first moved to Edwards in 1976. “Local people kept saying, ‘You’ve got to write something about Sugarman,’” she said. “There were so many stories.”

The town of Edwards is commemorating the 75th anniversary of this disaster on March 29 with a full day of activities ranging from music to a pet parade to a Sugarman look-a-like contest, all as a way to pay tribute to a local town character turned hero. The Utica Campus Jubilee Singers will perform as part of the 9 a.m. opening ceremony.  Warren County supervisors are renaming a section of road between Warriors Trail and the county line in Warren County as Andrew “Sugarman” Daniel Memorial Highway. Hinds County supervisors have done likewise between Smith Station Road and Highway 80 West.

Gore never met Sugarman, who died on June 7, 1969, but another Hinds alumnus did. Gary Walters (1967), who taught for many years at Mississippi College and elsewhere, met Sugarman a couple years before he died.

Walters said he was painting a water color of a 100-year-old bridge in Edwards, sometime around 1967, when Sugarman walked up with his entourage of dogs. Walters said he complained the dust and rocks they were kicking up were threatening his painting, so Sugarman said something like “Dogs go on home now,” and off they headed at a run back home. Sugarman also had a trained goat and pig that did his bidding as well.

“It was an interesting experience,” Walters said. “I never will forget meeting him. I had heard he could talk to the animals. I knew no one else could get them to pay attention. He didn’t raise his voice or anything.”

The experience of meeting Sugarman made such an impression on Walters that in 1976, as part of a Bicentennial collection of watercolors, he painted a portrait from memory.

Many of those watercolors sold at an exhibit at the old Deposit Guaranty Plaza in Jackson, but Walters held on to the Sugarman painting until Hinds Community College bought it a few years ago. It now hangs in the Utica Campus office of photography instructor Randy Minton.

Gore’s book “Sugarman” is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

For information about joining the Alumni Association at Hinds Community College, see

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Hinds CC Rankin Campus nursing student awarded Carla McCulloch Scholarship

Larry McCulloch, left, Lynnie Dunn of Brandon, mother of the honoree; Bonney Collins of Brandon, who won the Carla McCulloch Scholarship; and Carol McCulloch. The McCullochs, formerly of Magee, each year present the Carla McCulloch Scholarship to a Hinds Community College second semester nursing student.

Larry McCulloch, left, Lynnie Dunn of Brandon, mother of the honoree; Bonney Collins of Brandon, who won the Carla McCulloch Scholarship; and Carol McCulloch. The McCullochs, formerly of Magee, each year present the Carla McCulloch Scholarship to a Hinds Community College second semester nursing student.

St. Patrick’s Day was a lucky day for Hinds Community College nursing student Bonney Collins of Brandon.

She learned she was the recipient of the Carla McCulloch Scholarship, awarded each year to a Hinds second semester nursing student to help pay for the second year of school.

Collins, 32, and her husband, a paramedic, are also expecting their first child in April — about two weeks before the end of the semester. They had been told they wouldn’t have any children so the pregnancy was a complete surprise, especially since they learned of it at the beginning of Collins’ first semester of nursing school.

Collins said she decided to become a nurse because “it was something I had a calling for.  I was at the point in my life when I needed to do something that was a passion and not just a job,” she said. “I had had a lot of family members who had been sick and I lost friends in colleges. I just became very aware of how a medical professional can make the difference in a patient’s recovery.”

In order to enroll in nursing school, she quit her job, and she and her husband sold their house and moved in with her parents. She is a student in the nursing program in the Rankin Campus Career-Technical Building off Greenfield Road in Pearl.

The scholarship is awarded each year to a second semester student in the Associate Degree Nursing program at Hinds Community College.

The scholarship was created by Larry and Carol McCulloch, formerly of Magee but now residents of Roanoke, Va., in memory of their daughter Carla, a Simpson Academy graduate who was a Hinds nursing student at the time of her death in an April 1991 accident.

The award is made annually to a second semester nursing student who demonstrates the caring and enthusiasm for nursing that Carla embodied. She was a dedicated nursing student who took care of loved ones but also had a fun-loving streak.

“When I read about her, she sounded extremely familiar,” Collins said.

The McCullochs each year personally present the scholarship and keep tabs on recipients. This year, seven other family members attended as well as a former Hinds classmate, Lynn McKee of Clinton, who knew Carla in 1991. Family members included Al and Linda McCulloch of Ackerman, Larry’s brother and his wife; Carol’s niece Julia Cannon of Fulton; Carol’s sister, Robin Greenlee of Kilmichael; Pat and Lori Smith of Lester, Ala., Carol’s sister and brother-in-law, and their daughter Mandy Smith.

“We look forward to this all year long,” said Larry McCulloch. “The scholarship just keeps going and going.”

For more about the Hinds nursing program, see

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Hinds CC’s truck driving training partner, KLLM Transports Services, opens new facility

Dr. Joyce Jenkins, dean of the Raymond Campus Career-Technical Education division, left, and Dr. Chad Stocks, assistant dean, far right, pose with the first class of KLLM and Hinds students in 2013.

Dr. Joyce Jenkins, dean of the Raymond Campus Career-Technical Education division, left, and Dr. Chad Stocks, assistant dean, far right, pose with the first class of KLLM and Hinds students in 2013.


Hinds Community College’s partner in a truck driver training program, KLLM Transport Services, opened a new KLLM Driving Academy on March 3.

Partnering with Hinds Community College’s Career and Technical Education Division, the KLLM Academy will offer truck driver classroom training as well as on-the-road driving training to prepare students to earn their Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and begin a new career in trucking. The new facility is located at 130 Riverview Drive in Jackson next to the KLLM corporate offices.

The partnership between Hinds Community College and KLLM Driving Academy is approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, through Hinds Community College. Participants receive college credit hours via Hinds online business courses.

To pay for the instructors’ salaries and simulators, the college is using a portion of a nearly $2.3 million U.S. Department of Labor grant, which is part of a larger nine-college, eight-state consortium for community colleges along the Mississippi River. The grant project is aimed at expanding targeted training programs for unemployed workers, especially those impacted by foreign trade. It’s part of the Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Community College and Career Training grant program.

The grant funds received by Hinds allow the incorporation of “stackable credentials.” The students will earn a Commercial Driver’s License stacked with a career certificate. New curriculum is being developed for an Entrepreneur package to prepare graduates to become owner operators. These three credentials will allow commercial truck driving students to be highly credentialed and highly skilled. They are more marketable to employers while filling the needs of the workforce, which is one of the goals of Hinds Career-Technical Education division, said Dr. Joyce Jenkins, dean of the Raymond Campus division.

Students who successfully graduate and complete the six-week internship will be guaranteed a job as a KLLM driver. A $4,000 scholarship will also be available to cover the cost of the academy for any driver who agrees to drive for KLLM for one year. Students will train in KLLM’s new, fully equipped late-model trucks as well as state-of-the-art simulators and labs.

“We’re proud to open this new training facility and feel that it’s just one way we can do our part to meet the current shortage of trained truck drivers,” said KLLM President and CEO Jim Richards. “We’re guaranteeing graduates a job with us once they finish all their training. Students will learn on the exact equipment they’ll be driving with us, so they get hands-on experience they can use the very first day of their employment. We have a vested interest in seeing these students succeed, because we’re training our future employees.”

Richards outlined the three phases the academy will encompass. First is classroom instruction which also includes time in a tractor simulator lab, a refrigerated trailer lab and a computer lab. Phase two involves 12 days of behind-the-wheel driving training over the road and on KLLM’s driving range. The final phase takes place once students have passed their CDL licensing test and graduated from the academy. It includes six weeks of over-the-road driving training with a KLLM certified trainer.

Once at KLLM, new drivers will be paid a salary while on the road with their trainer as well as having a comprehensive benefit package after three months of employment and a 401(k) retirement plan after six months of employment.

Mississippi’s need for commercial truck drivers is projected to grow by 13 percent (representing 1,734 jobs) by 2020. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the job prospects and marketability of drivers will increase considerably in our area. A report from the Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., which compiles data from Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, suggests that truck driving ranks as the fourth highest occupation in demand.  In Mississippi, there are currently 42,740 jobs in the commercial truck driving field with 13,410 of these jobs being in the Hinds Community College District.

Graduates from the Commercial Truck Driving program through Hinds Community College and KLLM Transport Services can enter the workforce as an entry level driver and can expect to have current median hourly earnings of $16.07.

For more information, go to

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Rankin Campus PTK inducts new members, officers
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04 March

Rankin Campus PTK inducts new members, officers

The Alpha Omicron Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa on the Hinds Community College Rankin Campus inducted both officers and members at a ceremony held Feb. 21.

Spring 2014 officers for the Alpha Omicron Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Rankin Campus.

Spring 2014 officers for the Alpha Omicron Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Rankin Campus.

The new officers are, left to right,  Caleb Jones of Pelahatchie, administrative vice-president; Sarah Webb of Pelahatchie, recording secretary; Haylee Jones of Harrisville, vice-president of membership; Destany Raines of Florence, vice-president of leadership; Blaire Hill of Pelahatchie, president; Victoria Biggers of Florence, vice-president of scholarship; Rachel Shirley of Brandon, vice-president of fellowship; and Tyler Williamson of Pearl, public relations secretary.

The newest members of the Alpha Omicron Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Rankin Campus.

Spring 2014 members of the Alpha Omicron Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Rankin Campus.

New members are, from back row, left, Caleb Jones, of Pelahatchie; Leslie Gilmore of Pelahatchie; Kelley Hansbrough of Flowood; Meagan Coleman of Brandon; William Bristow of Brandon; and Bo Young of Brandon. Third row, from left, are Pamela Bales of Brandon; Ruth Recinos of Pearl; Olivia Glass of Star; Kimberly Underwood of Jackson; Madeline Davis of Morton; Brittany Champion of Morton; Joshua Taylor of Morton; and Karen Holifield of Pearl. Second row, from left, are Stephanie Jackson of Detroit, Mich.; Leeann Ivey of Florence; Kaylace Beatty of Polkville; Halleigh Derrick of Pelahatchie; Shawna Huff of Florence; Kayla Pettigrew of Braxton; Kelsea Butts of Brandon; Kristin Bates of Sandhill; Arielle Blakes of Florence; Victoria Nielson of Pearl; and Huiping Qi of Brandon. Front row, from left, are Wesley Rucker of Pearl; Tyler Williamson of Pearl; Rebecca Bales of Brandon; Norma Solis of Richland; Margaret Dykes of Brandon; Lydia Pittman of Brandon; Cierra Williams of Brandon; Charles Rowzee of Starkville; Amanda Rowzee of Starkville, Dawn Brooks of Brandon; and Sophie Ventura of Slidell, La.

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Hinds CC offers second eight-week classes beginning this month

The Rankin Campus bookstore has lots of items for sale.

Students can now register for a variety of online and traditional courses offered in the second term of eight-week classes at Hinds Community College.

Online classes begin March 10 and traditional classes begin March 17, the Monday after spring break.

To see the list of classes offered at each location, go to the Hinds website at

Second term eight-week courses are offered on most Hinds Community College campuses, and include science, English, mathematics, culinary arts, music, business, computer studies and many more.

Students are encouraged to register as soon as possible in order to get the classes and schedule they need.

Current students who don’t need to see an adviser can register online by logging into New students need to speak to an adviser before registering online.

Students may register via the web during holiday closures, including spring break.

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