The Hinds Community College Foundation recently added the Fred Douglas and Matlean Allen Moffett’s Scholarship to its list of endowments.

The Moffetts spent 77 years teaching boys and girls in pre-K to eighth grades at Midway, Belmont and Cayuga. Both ended their careers at Mixon Junior High School.

This scholarship resulted from the efforts and labors of Belmont and Rohelia Missionary Baptist Churches in Utica and Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Edwards. Neighboring churches, family friends and the Moffett family helped to develop the scholarship.

“Mother and Daddy believed, as do I, that education is the key to a successful and useful life, and there is plenty of room for additional talented, dedicated and concerned teachers to assist the children,” said Naomi Lyles, one of the couple’s six children.

A committee and the family founded the scholarship to encourage high school graduates to pursue a career in teaching. The committee and the family believe additional male teachers are needed in the intermediate and upper elementary grades.

“My parents enjoyed working in the two-room schools as well as the final years spent at Mixon Junior High School,” said daughter J. Moffett Walker, 1959 Hinds graduate. “We are proud of this endowment. We encourage families, churches and other groups to establish scholarships to help inspire students interested in teaching, the most important career for helping others achieve their goals.”

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