The Aviation Department at Hinds Community College in Raymond, Miss., was approved in January as an FAA-certified Part 141 flight school.

The certification process involved approval of pilot training curriculums, personnel, facilities and aircraft. The increased structure and accountability of Part 141 flight schools allow students to qualify for pilot certificates with reduced flight hours and subsequently, less cost.

For example, a pilot enrolled in a Part 141 school can receive a Commercial Pilot Certificate at 190 flight hours versus 250 flight hours in a traditional program, easily saving as much as $10,000 in training costs.

In conjunction with approved flight school status, the Aviation Department became a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) last year, utilizing their unique interactive, online pilot ground schools as a basis for classroom credit.

Randy Pearcy, Chairman of the Aviation Department and Chief Flight Instructor for the program, said that “hybrid courses” have replaced traditional pilot ground school.

“Students can access the CPC anytime and anyplace, allowing for a self-paced training experience. Traditional brick and mortar classroom instruction is integrated into the web-based knowledge instruction throughout the semester,” he said.

Pearcy said the approved curriculum uses Scenario-Based Flight Training and accelerates the pilot’s decision making skills compared to traditional methods.
Another major reason to pursue approved flight school status dealt with veteran’s benefit eligibility. Only Part 141 schools can qualify for VA-reimbursed pilot training.

Currently, there are only three other FAA-approved flight school locations in the state: Columbus, Olive Branch, and Cleveland. Pearcy believes that with the large contingent of military personnel and veterans surrounding the Jackson area, the Part 141 status will definitely benefit many.

Flight training for new students begins June 3 (summer term) or Aug. 19 (fall term).

For more information about aviation programs, contact Pearcy at

New students must complete the application process and see an adviser before they can register for classes, either in person at one of six Hinds locations or online.

For information and complete schedules, see the Hinds website at

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