Chris Potter

After Chris graduated from Clinton High School, he enrolled in the automotive technology program on the Raymond Campus. Chris then finished his degree and entered the work world.

Fast forward a few years and Chris, now 22, is re-enrolled at Hinds working on his second degree, this one in landscape and irrigation management.

While he thought the automotive technology program was good, he thinks the landscape field is a better fit. Although settling on a career has been challenge, picking his college has never been.

He sees plenty of pluses. “The affordability, campus life and the scheduling – everything is right here,” he said.

“There’s no point in spending the big money to do the core classes at a big four-year university when you can just do it here at Hinds. It transfers. And you’re saving a lot more money. It’s just a great school in general,” Chris said.

After he graduates in May, he plans to transfer to Mississippi State University for a third degree – a bachelor’s in landscape contracting.