Hinds Community College is increasing the amount of the ACT scholarship awards, beginning with the fall 2013 term that starts on Aug. 19.

For each term, students who have a score of 29 and above on the ACT can receive a $3,000 Presidential Scholarship. Students with an ACT of 25 to 28 can receive a $1,500 Dean’s Scholarship and students with an ACT of 21 to 24 can receive a $1,000 Faculty Scholarship.

Previously the ACT scholarship awards were designated for specific expenses, such as tuition and room and board, depending on the amount of the award. But now all of these scholarships can be used for any Hinds college expense.

The ACT scholarships are awarded to new, incoming freshmen. They are automatically awarded to those who qualify; students don’t have to submit a special application.

Hinds has also changed the criteria for receiving and keeping all Hinds scholarships, including ACT, athletics, band, Honors, performance groups as well as Hinds Community College Foundation scholarships. Students must maintain 15 hours, the equivalent of five courses at three hours each, to remain eligible for the scholarship. The changes, including the increase in dollar amount, apply to current recipients.

Registration opened for new students on April 15. Students should register early to get the courses they need and the schedule they want.

New students must complete the application process and see an adviser before they can register for classes, either in person at one of six Hinds locations or online.

For more information about all Hinds Community College scholarships, contact 601.857.3767 or see the Hinds website at www.hindscc.edu.

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